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CE Conference Reviews!

Posted 9 months ago by Dane Pratt

Thanks to a everyone that joined us in April for the CE Conference in San Antonio. We enjoyed getting all the great feedback on how to make next years conference an even better exsperience, as well as, hearing all the positive reviews for this years.

Overall Review of Conference:

"It was a great experience and I came away from the conference having learned a lot."

"It was a very well run conference. Thank you for presenting it."


"I feel more confident in treating bipolar disorder and depression and being able to diagnose patients with these conditions. I also will use the CDC's decision tree chart for viral vs bacterial sinusitis."

Implementing the Information in Practice:

"Nephrology talk was awesome. Was skeptical about insulin in ESRD, left feeling great about insulin in ESRD"

"I've already emailed my staff several of the questionnaires suggested for patients. I plan on changing several medications on my elderly patients due to kidney function and have already made notes on changing some psych diagnosis and treatments. I am so excited to implement these changes as early as tomorrow!"

"I learned many new methods of treatment that I will incorporate into my practice. The information given by many of the speakers was eye opening."