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Optimal Team Practice

Posted about 1 year ago by Monique Ochoa

Dear Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistant AFPPANP members.

Merry Christmas and Holiday greetings with peace to you and all those you love. What a year this has been with the rebirth AFPPA as the Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners for the support of both NPs and PAs in Family Practice. As you know, AFPPA has been reborn with the focus of being inclusive of NPs and PAs as the AFPPANP. NPs and PAs work together performing the same functions resulting in the improvement of providing primary health care for our citizens in the many diverse settings in which we work. Optimal Team Practice (OTP) became the official policy of AAPA as it has been for the AANP. If you are unfamiliar with OTP, take a few minutes to review the concepts at:

For those Advanced Practice Clinicians familiar with OTP, are you pressuring your state to make the changes necessary for OTP to be law, not just policy? 

 Just as many organizations and people plan for change and renewal at the beginning of the year, AFPPANP will look at our future as well. The new BOD is soon to be elected in June for a two year term of office. We need to consider and prioritize what is important to NPs and PAs in Family Practice, Primary Care practices throughout the country. With that in mind, I ask you to participate in a one question survey. Feel free to share the survey link with co-workers, NP and PA friends, retired NPs and PAs, and physicians. The question to be answered?

What do you consider the biggest barrier to practicing as an Advanced Practice Clinician

NP or PA?

Your responses will have shape the AFPPANP.

Thanks for your help.

Blaine P. Carmichael, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA
Founder, Director AFPPANP, CME Chair
Association of Family Practice PAs & NPs 
PO Box 90434
San Antonio, TX 78209
210 508 9839


Robert Blumm 12 months ago

I instantly think of being an astronaut. An astronaut has been trained to propel away from the earth's atmosphere and to discover new life and to work in an atmosphere where they are weightless and yet learn to maneuver.At present PAs and many NPs find themselves confined to the limits of gravity and are not functioning in the manner that they were trained. We are not meant to be tethered to a physician, a medical society or the confines of supervision. Our professions are meant to be untethered from their restraints and to function when and where they choose and to come to the aid of our fellow human beings both in this country and in those areas of the world where medical help is desperately needed because of climatic catastrophes, disease, and warfare,
The world is in great need of healers, of people who have been trained to alleviate pain and suffering but we are held back by the dictates of others. We can easily argue our cause but to argue and to pursue our destiny we need to join together and we need to strategize and to convince our country and others that we are capable and we are an unused force in this endeavor. As a great Scot was being tortured, he was able to scream;"freedom" WE need the freedom to fulfill our role yet we are fearful of being militant.
I am of the old breed, the pioneers that had to build paths where there were none and to bring civilization just a bit further. Together, we can accomplish these goals and it will take more than a scholastic degree, it will take competence and skill and courage. How many of us possess these traits and are willing to pay the price to gain the prize?

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